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Julio thinks he has found the problem

Julio and Kranitz watched the video tape from the pitcher's last performance and they think they have found the reason for his lack of command.

Julio says he is rushing his pitches and opening up, which is basically hurting his command along with showing the hitters what he is throwing.

I haven't seen Julio pitch this season, work and life have sadly, or possibly, thankfully, gotten in the way.  If he is indeed opening up, that will screw up everything.  And that is something can be fixed with a little concentration on his part.

Given his track record since 2002, I'm not optimistic but then again, since the club seems determined to keep sending him out in the near term - I'm willing to go with the wait and see approach.

Though that does require either Owens, Gardner, Lindstorm or Gregg remain in the bullpen, just in case.