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Cabrera's Locker

I think I have seen this movie before:

The likeness of a human skull sits atop a carved, four-foot stick leaning against Miguel Cabrera's locker in the Marlins' clubhouse.

Inside his cubbyhole is a small figure of a skeleton, what looks like two shrunken heads, strings of beads, and four white candles next to what appears to be a collection plate containing several folded dollar bills.

They say that eccentricity often rides shotgun with brilliance in the drive of accomplished people.

They might have been thinking of Cabrera.

The odd, intriguing artifacts decorating his locker stall are related to his beliefs. To Santeria, a somewhat secretive Afro-Cuban religion that is seen as controversial by some because it can involve animal sacrifice.

In the Venezuelan press, Cabrera has been quoted as saying the religion brings him ''peace and tranquility.'' Others in baseball are known to be followers, most notably champion White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen.

Tell me the Marlins don't resemble the team from Major League - I dare you.

If you would like read up on Santeria, here is what Wikipedia has to say:  Santeria.  It is Wikipedia after all, so its accuracy is not completely guaranteed.