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Hermida got a Hit!

Finally.  Jeremy Hermida got off the schnide.  Is that the way to spell "schnide"?  I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but no matter on to the story.

Hermida got a hit.

Jeremy Hermida is 1 for 17 this spring. But the right fielder said he isn't about to panic. Hermida said he is a slow starter by nature.

''I'm not to worried about it,'' he said. ``The first couple of spring trainings it worried me a little bit. But I'm a rhythm hitter, and I just haven't found my rhythm yet.''

Hermida struggled offensively last season. But his job is not in jeopardy.

''He better be ready to go 0 for 30 because he's going to be in there,'' Gonzalez said, indicating he planned to stay with Hermida through thick and thin.

``He's going to play. He's our guy. We think highly of him, and we're going to stick with him.''

Oh, pleeeeze don't go 0 for 30, while I completely agree he is our guy but if he does do this: uh, Fredi, could we give him a break and let Cody or Joe spell him for awhile.

I sincerely doubt this is something to worry about.  I'm sure by the end of spring training he will be ready to go.  Hopefully.