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Another Pitcher Down

Just when it looks like it can't get any worse for the Marlins pitching situation - it does.

Right-hander Jose Garcia suffered a setback in his bid to make the Marlins' rotation. After throwing two shutout innings against the Orioles in Fort Lauderdale on March 2, Garcia developed some elbow inflammation.

The Marlins don't think the problem is serious, but it's kept Garcia off the mound since then. Garcia's elbow remains tender, but he'll likely attempt to throw again in the coming days.

Unless Garcia makes a quick recovery this probably eliminates him from filling the injured Josh Johnson's rotation spot next month.

I really didn't think Garcia would get the spot in the rotation but he does possess the talent to do so.  Now I'm just hoping that this is next to nothing and club doesn't end up buying Dr. Andrews a new car.

Oy, what next?