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And even more Stadium News

The Miami commissioners approved a non-binding resolution to support a stadium for the Marlins at an undisclosed location.

Following the lead of Miami-Dade County commissioners, the Miami City Commission voted unanimously Thursday to support a $490 million plan to fund a ballpark for the Florida Marlins somewhere in Miami and expressed support for placing it on the site of the Orange Bowl.

The Miami commissioners are hopeful that their vote along with that of the county's will be enough to persuade the state legislators to follow suit.

City commissioners and Mayor Manny Diaz said they hope the vote will convince the state Legislature to approve a $60 million state sales tax rebate to close the financing gap. Bills that would provide the rebate are making their way through the Legislature.

As you probably already know the potential stadium deal breaks down thusly:

The ballpark proposal calls for the Marlins to contribute $207 million mainly in rent payments; the county to chip in $145 million in hotel bed taxes; and the city to contribute $108 million in hotel bed and tourist development taxes. The $60 million state sales tax rebate would cover the remainder.

Assuming the local government entities hold true to their word, which isn't always a guarantee, the fate of stadium once again rest in the hands of the state.

And maybe, just maybe, it will pass this time.  We should know within a few months.