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2007 Marlins Previews

Here are a couple of 2007 Marlins previews you may find interesting.  Assuming you like the Saber projection aspect of the game and I know some of you do.

The first is the Beyond the Box Score's predictions.  BTBS is a SB Nation blog and they do excellent work over there.

The other is from Baseball Prospectus, whose writer puts forth their best guess.  It is possible that you may not be able to see this unless you are a subscriber to their site.  I am and therefore I have hard time telling what is free to the public and what is subscription only.  Especially since when I click on anything they write, I get to see it immediately.

With any luck, you will get to read them both.  But if not, I know you can see Beyond the Box Score's.

The two aren't presented because I agree with them completely, I don't.  But they are well couched previews using their style of analysis.