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Game Today

The Marlins finally broke their losing streak by tying the day game yesterday.  Unfortunately, they promptly lost the night cap.  Oh well.

Today is another day and the Fish head to Vero Beach to play the Dodgers, once again.  I hope there is a good movie on the flight.

The pitchers for the Marlins are expected to be: Anibal Sanchez, Henry Owens, Kevin Gregg, Harvey Garcia and Roy Corcoran.

The Dodgers will bring out: Derek Lowe, Brett Tomko, Joe Beimel, Rudy Seanz and Matt White.

Game time is 7:05 p.m.

Hopefully the Marlins will do a little better against the Dodgers than yesterday.

Oh, in the category of fun things to know and tell, if you have ever wondered why the closer candidates pitch so early in the spring training games, it is because the team wants them to face major leaguers. I doubt this info will be useful on final Jeopardy, but you never know.