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More Stadium News

There is some news about a possible stadium for the Marlins.

First, the sort of, good news.

Several Miami-Dade County commissioners strongly opposed on Tuesday building a ballpark for the Florida Marlins north of the county government center and instead suggested the Orange Bowl location, if the University of Miami moves its football games to Dolphin Stadium.

After raising concerns about the size of the nine-acre site east of I-95 and just west of Metrorail and that it would mean securing a new spot for a planned Children's Courthouse, commissioners voted 11-1 to pursue a $490 million plan to finance a ballpark on a site to be determined.

(emphasis is mine)

The county commissioners voted overwhelmingly to pursue financing for the stadium - that's the good news.  The troublesome news is that they are back to bickering about the location.  Didn't we already have this discussion a few years ago.  Personally, I don't care where it is located as along as it is easy access via the Metrorail or some other mass transit system.

You really need to read the article, if you are interested about the stadium negotiations.  What it amounts to is that some of the commissioners will not support a downtown location, while others do.  For the Orange Bowl to be considered for an alternative site, the University of Miami would need to move their games to Dolphin Stadium in search of a more lucrative lease arrangement there.  Yeah, good luck with that one.

If this were to happen there would need to be public hearings to approve switching the money designated to renovate the Orange Bowl so that it could be used to construct a stadium for the Marlins.  Along with the city of Miami commissioners being onboard for their part of the funding for a baseball stadium in a location which has yet to be determined.

Assuming they are willing to do this, then all that is needed is to convince the state, while no one knows where the heck the stadium will be located, they ought to approve the tax break anyway.

This soap opera needs some new writers - I've seen this story plot before.