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Stadium News - Sort of

The Florida state legislature is beginning it's 2007 session and a stadium for the Marlins could be in the balance.

Lawmakers have filed more than 1,000 bills for the 60-day session that begins today, most of which won't even receive a vote on the floor. These are some of the high-profile issues that will be debated:


SPORTS ARENAS: The Florida Marlins hope to get a second $2 million annual subsidy (the first went to initial owner H. Wayne Huizenga) to help pay for a new ballpark. A separate bill (SB 7044) would make the second $2 million subsidy available to all teams currently getting the benefit, not just the Marlins

The previous subsidy didn't produce a new stadium for the Marlins but it did help for stadium improvements for the Dolphins.  The way I see it the Marlins were never compensated, but Dolphin Stadium did receive aid at the Marlins expense.

The present proposal for a stadium for the Marlins contains a funding gap and a state subsidy could help close that gap, if approved.  But in order for the bill to make it to floor, the county and city governments are going to have to act first.  They have less than sixty-days to pass their share of financing in order for the state to proceed.

The stadium is now on the clock.  We should know the outcome fairly soon.