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Spring Training Not going so well

As I'm sure you all know, spring training isn't off to a very good start - win loss wise.

Gonzalez maintains his position that results don't matter in spring training, but the Marlins have lost four games in a row by a combined score of 28-7.

If it isn't bothering Gonzalez, it is bothering first baseman Mike Jacobs, who hasn't had a hit in 12 at-bats this spring.

"It is frustrating for me, and I'm sure it is for everyone else," Jacobs said. "Maybe, we're just too aggressive. Everyone wants to get that first hit in spring training or hit the first ball hard."

Last year, the Marlins had the best record in spring training and started the season 11-31.

I agree with Fredi, the team's spring training record doesn't mean squat.  Last year the Marlins won spring training to only start off like crap.  What is important is that when the team breaks camp, it is ready for the regular season and that is the one and only goal.

It is not required that everyone be in mid-season form the first few weeks of the spring.  What is required is that everyone is developing on schedule and will be ready to play on opening day.  That is when it matters.