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Hitting Woes?

Fantasy Baseball Island expressed concern about the Marlins lack of offense so far this spring.

Thru today's games, the top part of the Florida Marlins lineup (Ramirez, Uggla, Cabrera, Willingham, & Jacobs) are a combined 4 for 39 (.103 BA) with one extra base hit. Is it too early to be concerned? Some fantasy baseball managers don't weigh spring training games too heavily, but I am one that does pay attention and will continue to post ideas and trends I see during the preseason.

I don't think it's really any big deal.  It's early and the batters are facing live pitching for the first time this season and timing sometimes takes a little while to establish.  That said, there is one slight disquieting thing about this to me, and it is very slight.  This is the time of the spring when the pitchers are throwing basically only fast balls and I thought the Marlins were a better fast ball hitting team then they have shown thus far.

But as I said, it's early, and way too early to be a cause of concern,