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Owens looking for big numbers

At least on his back.

Marlins reliever Henry Owens is ready for the season, and he is taking his spring training uniform No. 77 with him.

''That's the number I told them I wanted,'' Owens said. ``I've always liked the No. 7. My two sisters [Christina and Jennifer] both wore No. 7. Chrissy is a pitcher with Alabama and Jennifer played third base at FIU.

``Besides, no superstar will come in here wanting this number. I just like 77. Let's break the mold. Let's be rebellious. I looked at some other lower numbers, but this is the one I want. When I told [manager Fredi Gonzalez] he said, `Do you really want 77?'

If Jorge Julio stays on the same trend he is on now, Owens will become number 77 in your program and number 1 in your heart.