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Moves Made

The information Maverick reported in his diary post was exactly right, as it normally is.  Be sure to give it a read.

I do have a thought about the Nolasco situation: I think it is a good move.  The following supporting link to Maverick's diary says that moving Ricky to the fifth slot gives the bullpen more flexibility.  That is more than likely true but the reason I'm for it is that I'm not sure Nolasco is cut out to be a starter.  And it has nothing to do with his stuff.  Last season he had to be removed from the rotation after throwing a 140 total innings for the year.  That just doesn't say starter material to me.  I think Ricky can be a good asset in the bullpen but as a starter he is just holding a spot until a real starter is ready.

Marlins shake up rotation

Maverick's analysis of the Stokes deal is completely spot on.

Jason Stokes traded