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The 25-man roster finalized

HadMatter, once again, was the first to report that the final two slots available in the 25-man roster are now filled.  HadMatter does good work.

The Marlins completed their 25-man roster Thursday, informing the 37-year-old Wood and right-hander Lee Gardner, 32, they were on the squad. Outfielder John Gall and right-hander Nate Field, both of whom were fighting for the last spots, were reassigned to minor league camp.


Out with a bone bruise on his right knee, Jeremy Hermida should be back some time next month. That may not mean an automatic demotion for Wood, considering the Marlins will use him primarily as a pinch hitter.

If Jason Wood performs well as a pinch hitter, he has an excellent chance to stay with the big club.  Since by the time Hermida is ready to go, someone with options will be under performing - it happens every year.  Who that will be has yet to be determined.

Oh, in case you are curious why I spend the time that I do on Jason Wood, it is because he is almost becoming a cult figure.  The player I get the most email questions about isn't Cabrera or Willis, it's Jason Wood.

Who would've thunk it.