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Tankersley and Hermida DL Bound

Taylor Tankersley and Jeremy Hermida will open the season on the DL.

The Marlins also announced that left-hander Taylor Tankersley (shoulder tendinitis) and right fielder Jeremy Hermida (sore right knee) will start the season on the disabled list. If both are placed on the list retroactive to March 23, they would be eligible to return April 7.

Naturally, being eligible to return and being ready to play in the Majors are two different things.  While they are on the DL it means, basically, they can't play in a game that fans pay to attend.  Tankersley will probably take part in extended spring training while Hermida will do a minor league rehab stint once he comes off the DL.

Relievers, if physical able, can get ready to pitch in the majors much quicker than hitters.  Hermida will probably need at least 20 AB before the club calls him up.

With Tankersley and Hermida sidelined, that leaves two spots available on the 25-man roster in the interim.

Outfielder John Gall and infielder Jason Wood are battling for the final position player spot on the roster, and pitchers Lee Gardner and Nate Field for the last bullpen spot.

Whichever pitcher is chosen he will be sent down before the position player but both will probably find themselves in Triple-A, eventually.  For absolutely no good reason, I'm cheering for Jason Wood and Lee Gardner to get the short term assignment.

Your thoughts may differ.