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Marlins Promotions

Here is a list of this season's promotions schedule:

2007 Marlins Promotions

The strangest one to me is April 19: Lawyers Appreciation Night.  Now I do know we have several FishStripers studying to be barristers and my curiosity with this promotion isn't another lawyer joke, but why lawyers?  Why not accountants or engineers or firemen or professors?  It just seems arbitrary.  Speaking of professors, where the heck is Dr F?  Surely that school of his doesn't have a three week long spring break.

Oh, if you are looking for the Marlins foam fish head, that will be given away on June 30.

(Note to my sister Stacia: if you can, I need you to go to the game on either Sept. 25, 26 or the 27.  You will know what to do.  It will be greatly appreciated.)