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Transactions Made

Since the 25-man roster is starting to come into focus and with the announcement of the starting center fielder - you did read scoutingbook's diary, didn't you?  The team also made some other transactional moves.

Along with outfielder Alex Sanchez, pitchers Felix Rodriguez and Mike Koplove were released Wednesday. Rodriguez had been in the running for the closer's job, but when the Marlins acquired Jorge Julio on Monday, Rodriguez became expendable.

Outfielder Eric Reed was optioned to Triple-A Albuquerque, and catcher Paul Hoover, infielder Zach Sorensen and pitcher Roy Corcoran were told they would be reassigned to the minors when the Marlins break camp.

The ones released wasn't because they sucked and the organization had to get rid of them in order to save face.  (Okay, it is a possibility in one of the cases that is true.)  They were released to give them a chance to land on another major league club.