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Problems with the Union

It seems the head of the players union doesn't appreciate the Marlins payroll very much.

Union chief Don Fehr said the Marlins' $18 million payroll last year -- now up to $32 million (including Al Leiter/Carlos Delgado deferred payments) -- ''concerns us.'' In fact, though Fehr declined to discuss it, we hear the union last year considered bringing the Marlins' matter to an independent arbitrator -- which the labor contract allows -- in an attempt to force them to use more revenue sharing money to improve the team.

I appreciate where he is coming from since I am more of a labor guy than a management guy.  But just adding payroll for the sake of adding payroll isn't going to make the club more competitive.  Last time I checked, the Marlins low payroll team was actually competitive last year for much of the season.  Teams with triple the payroll of the Marlins didn't do as well.

The team's payroll will take care of itself in the future.  Eventually all the young Fish will reach their arbitration years and paydays will happen.  If Fehr really wants to help increase the Marlins expenditures to the talent, he should get his butt down to South Florida and help with the stadium deal.