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The Breakfast Club

Fox's old buddies chime in.

During the summer of 2003, a group of five Marlins met almost every morning in the hotel lobby on road trips and headed off to some local nook for breakfast. They kept a list of their favorite diners in every National League city.

Andy Fox, Mike Redmond, Brian Banks, Jeff Conine, and Mike Lowell called themselves the ''Breakfast Club.'' On Saturday, when the Marlins announced Fox as the team's new first base/infield coach, the former utility infielder's phone lit up.

''The Breakfast Club was the first to call once they found out,'' Fox said Tuesday when he joined the Marlins in his new role. ``I heard from everybody: Mike Lowell, Mike Redmond, Brian Banks. Conine text messaged me. It was nice.


Speaking of his new job, Fox is going to stay with the teachings of the Master.

"I'm learning on the fly," Fox said. "They have a good thing going. Perry built a good foundation. I know his system, and it won't be changed."

That learning on the "fly" thing mainly has to do with learning who the players are and how far along they are in their development.

First indications: Andy Fox may work out just fine.  Sure, he is no Perry Hill, but who is?  Besides Perry Hill, I mean.