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Roster announcement to be delayed?

Possibly.  Fredi may mull over his options a little longer than he originally indicated.

Gonzalez said he might not announce the 25-man roster today.

Rosters don't have to be set until Sunday afternoon. But Gonzalez had said on Monday that he wanted to set the roster today because he wanted "the last three or four games to be played with the club we are going to break camp with.''

At least one unresolved issue is center field, a battle that started out between Alex Sanchez and Eric Reed before Alejandro De Aza emerged as a possible front-runner.

The center field issue keeps getting more muddled as time goes on, and it didn't help clarify the situation when Alex Sanchez actually did something right.

Center-fielder candidate Alex Sanchez threw out two runners in the Marlins' victory, earning two rare outfield assists. He threw out Melvin Mora and Corey Patterson, two of the Orioles' fastest players, at second base.

The defensive display comes at a critical time for Sanchez, as Florida manager Fredi Gonzalez prepares to announce his starting center fielder today. Sanchez, regarded as a poor defensive player, has never recorded more than three assists in a season and has more career errors (28) than assists (11)

Personally, I see it as a fluke of nature.  Now, the decision makers may see it otherwise.  I hope not.  

It is very likely that the 25 who will start the season for the Marlins won't be announced today, as previously stated.  Not that it is that big of deal, since we will know soon enough, but it is interesting how the anticipation of the announcement thickens the air.  Or at least it does for me.