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Coming down to the Wire

There are roster spots yet to be determined but they are few and far between.

The Marlins have 40 players remaining in camp. Five are hurt and will start the season in extended spring training or on the disabled list. That leaves 10 cuts before 25-man rosters must be submitted Sunday.

The Marlins will carry 13 position players and 11 of those spots are all but taken. The last two will go to the starting center fielder and extra outfielder the Marlins will need while Jeremy Hermida recovers from a bone bruise in his right knee.

Hermida's injury potentially opens up a spot for Gall, but it doesn't help non-roster infielder Jason Wood. Wood, 37, can play all four infield spots and is hitting .400 this spring.

It's all going to come down to how the powers that be view the personnel.  If they view Alfredo as potential backup in the outfield, then it favors Wood.  If they don't, then Gall could get the nod.  All of this is assuming they don't want to keep say both De Aza and Reed on the roster.

It is seems doubtful that De Aza and Reed will both be with the big club.  One would think that the odd-man-out's time will be better spent playing everyday in the minors than riding the pine in the majors.

Naturally, I'm leaving Alex Sanchez out of the equation.  I guess I'm hoping if I don't mention him, he will go away.