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Perry Hill Retires

As HadMatter reported in the comments, Coach Perry Hill announced his retirement.

With a little more than a week until Opening Day, the Marlins are searching for a first-base/infield coach.
In a surprise move, widely respected Perry Hill has decided to retire.

Perry was having problems with his knee and also given his wife's health issues he felt it was time for his career to come to an end.

You can read his official press release here.

Talk about someone who will be missed.  His departure leaves a huge hole in the organization.  If it wasn't for him working with the infield on defense, the Marlins wouldn't have won the 2003 World Series.

Even though Perry won't be with the team in person, his infield program will live on.  The Marlins have coaches and players who know the program and it will carry on in his absence.  As they should, it's the best.  Will it run as smoothly without the Master at the helm, of course not, but it will still run.

FishStripes wishes Perry Hill and his family nothing but the best in his retirement years.