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Marlins blog poll

I'm not sure the poll is still active but I think it is.  Anyway, SI is running a poll for every team, asking which blog or fan site has the best Marlins coverage.  Or something like that, the question keeps changing.

It turns out that FishStripes is one of the nominees.

So if you are looking for something to do today, why not cruise on over and vote away. Among the choices, there is no wrong answer.

SI Marlins site poll

It could be fun.

[Update] I was asked to move this up and being the ever faithful servant of my fellow FishStripers, I complied.

[Update II] Moving on up, to the East Side.

[Update III] Up, Up, and Away.

[Update IV] Jump Up.

[Update V] I guess I'm still suppose to keep this on the main page.