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Hermida still gimpy

Jeremy Hermida is working his way back.

Marlins outfielder Jeremy Hermida, who has not played since Saturday after fouling a ball off his right knee, hit a home run in five at-bats Thursday in a minor-league game.

But Hermida did not play in the field and said he still wasn't sure he was ready to rejoin the Marlins in a spring training game.

Hermida said he probably would try to test the knee in another spring training game this afternoon.

''I'm a little bit slow running,'' Hermida said.

"The swing is coming, but the running is still a little bit shaky.''

He is expected to play in another minor league game today, which could include also playing in the outfield.  Opening day is just 10 days away, but it is really not critical that he be able to answer the bell by then.  Borchard will do an ample job of filling in for him while he gets up to speed.

Hermida, physically, has been one unlucky dude since coming up to the majors.  Jeremy, if you want my advice, quit drinking Jobu's rum.