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Fashion Statement

Cabrera lets Alfredo put on his eye black for day games.

Cabrera, with artistic help from infielder and friend Alfredo Amezaga, has started smearing eye black on his face in such a way as to cover most of his cheeks.

Amezaga uses his thumb to smear the anti-glare substance on Cabrera's face so that it streaks and tapers off at the bottom.


Cabrera said he hasn't decided whether he will continue the practice during the regular season.

''It depends if I keep hitting,'' he said.

Has anyone seen this?  

I'm all for whatever superstitions work for the players but this can't look good.  Amezaga and his wife would be wonderful people to have living next door and Alfredo would probably come in handy when one was designing their Halloween costume.  But to trust him for a day game fashion statement, I don't know.  I get the feeling there is a little too much pixie in him to allow free rein.  My advice, if you do, keep a mirror handy.