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Center Field

Put me in coach.

With nine games to go this spring, Reed, 26, has another chance to win the job. He is batting .379 (11-for-29), better than his main competition, Alex Sanchez (.171, 6-for-35).

With nine games left this spring, manager Fredi Gonzalez said he might not settle on a starting center fielder until the final day of camp.

"They're both similar," Gonzalez said. "They're left-handed hitters. They run well. It will be very tough." Reed's edge could be his defense, although the Marlins like the progress Sanchez, 30, has made working this spring with outfield coach Bo Porter.

(emphasis is mine)

Leaving hitting aside since Reed is performing better in spring training but Sanchez has a better major league track record, let's focus on defense.

Unless Bo Porter is some kind of a miracle worker, there is no way that Reed "could" have an edge defensively.  He doesn't even have a definite edge.  He is light years better than Sanchez defensively.  Sure it may be possible that Sanchez has stumbled around the outfield in Roger Dean Stadium and been marginally okay.  But that doesn't mean crap when team's center fielder has to patrol the Bermuda Triangle in JRS.

It is possible the team will give the starting nod to Sanchez since Reed is in his final option year.  Going on the theory that if Sanchez is a complete disaster, they can always call Reed up.

But I hope that isn't the thought process.