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The Loria Building

Jeffery Loria's alma mater is naming a building after him.  And naturally the way these things go, it probably took a sizable donation to get it done.

A generous gift from Jeffrey H. Loria (Yale, '62), noted collector and twentieth-century art dealer, will fund construction of a new building to house Yale's Department of the History of Art. Loria is also the owner of the Florida Marlins Major League Baseball Team, which won the 2003 World Series.


"The visual arts enrich the human spirit in a way that words alone cannot," said Yale President Richard C. Levin. "Thanks to Jeffrey Loria's generosity, and the passion for art that was kindled during his years as a student in Yale College, we will soon have a beautiful facility to inspire scholars and students who study the history of art."

The building will be known as the Jeffrey Loria Center for the History of Art.

Uh, not to correct anyone at Yale but he is also a twenty-first century art dealer.

I suppose there are a lot ways to interpret this, Marlins-wise, but I think I will choose this one: that is a very nice thing to do.  A gift such as this will continue to inspire individuals for possibly decades to come and helping to provide an education in the arts is a wonderful way to contribute.