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Sanchez the Bunter

Alex Sanchez got his first start in center field yesterday and at the plate he did what he does best.  Sort of.

Center-field candidate Alex Sanchez, a skilled bunter, beat out one bunt for a hit in Thursday's 8-6 win over Baltimore, but also failed on a sacrifice bunt try.

Sanchez led the majors in bunt attempts with the Detroit Tigers in 2003 and 2004, but usually batted leadoff those seasons. If he wins the starting center-field job with the Marlins, he likely would hit eighth.

But he said he would not alter his hitting approach in that case.

''I think I have to keep bunting,'' he said. ``I'm still going to bunt.''

Great.  What's he going to do, bunt Olivo over to second so the pitcher can drive him in?  This can't be the optimal strategy.  I realize that Sanchez can barely hit the ball out of infield and him getting on base would help turnover the lineup a little faster.  Also, that the Marlins pitchers have more power at the plate than Sanchez, but still, this can't be good.

I'm still looking for the upside to him being in the lineup everyday and I'm taking suggestions as to why he should be.