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Obermueller at the bat

I had no idea Wes Obermueller could hit.

Now that pitchers have started hitting in Grapefruit League games, the Marlins are eager to show off their latest secret weapon.

Right-hander Wes Obermueller, a non-roster invitee who hopes to win a bullpen spot, boasts a .273 career batting average with six RBI. His best season at the plate was 2004 when he batted .385 (15-for-39) for the Milwaukee Brewers, who often used him as a pinch-hitter.

"I've always enjoyed hitting,'' said Obermueller, a position player with the University of Iowa before he chose to concentrate on pitching.

"Being a pitcher at this level, you're not expected to do stuff, but I personally take it pretty serious.''

If he can hit that well, it may just earn him a spot on the team.  The club can always use more pinch hitters and the fact he can pitch a little bit would only be a bonus.