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Still Closer Shopping

The Marlins haven't given up on landing a "closer" through a deal.

The Rockies are trying to upgrade the back of their rotation even as they're shopping right-hander Byung-Hyun Kim. The Marlins and Dodgers are interested in Kim as a reliever while the A's are pursuing him as a starter.

Could we please get the scouts out of Arizona and look at some one who could actually close.  Personally, I think the players we already have in-house will be just fine.  But if the front office is dead set on making a move, could we quit looking at a bunch of has beens or never will be(s).

Byung-Hyun Kim stats

If the Marlins decide not to make a trade, Owens and Lindstrom are the leading candidates for the job.

...manager Fredi Gonzalez said the ''picture is getting clearer'' on who he intends to choose as his closer.


''It's getting closer,'' Gonzalez said Sunday after two of the candidates for the role -- Henry Owens and Matt Lindstrom -- did nothing to discourage their manager.

Owens tacked on two more scoreless innings to increase his spring total to nine without giving up a run. Lindstrom pitched the ninth to earn the save, though he had to work his way out of jam after giving up two hits.

Owens said he covets the ninth-inning role but gladly would accept any job he is assigned. Lindstrom has never pitched in the majors, and Owens made three appearances last season with the New York Mets.

''Everybody has to get their chance sometime,'' Owens said.

There remains a chance the Marlins could go out and trade for a closer, but most indications are they will stick with someone from within. As for the rest of the bullpen, Taylor Tankersley is making his way back from shoulder inflammation and is trying to be ready for Opening Day, Kevin Gregg is a shoo-in for one spot, and veteran Felix Rodriguez (two earned runs in 8 2/3 innings this spring) is making himself more prominent.

I'm not sure what else Owens needs to do to convince the powers that be that he deserves a shot.  But since I haven't seen a game this spring training, it must be something that I'm unaware of.  I will say it again, I think Owens or Lindstrom are a better option than some retread.  And yes, I am quite well aware of our history of regenerating closers, but I still think the young guys are the way to go.