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The Closer Situation

Fredi doesn't have a problem with staying in-house for a closer.  Owens and Lindstrom are the two front running candidates to fill the position.

If the Marlins don't make a deal, they could open the season with Matt Lindstrom or Henry Owens, two hard-throwing rookies.

"I would have no reservations to having a rookie,'' Gonzalez said before the Marlins' 9-8 victory over Houston. "Right now ... I don't think there is another option. I think if they are good enough, give them the opportunity."

If the Marlins do indeed go with one of the rookies, they are going to stick with him.

If the Marlins go with a rookie, Gonzalez said, it will be important to stay with him even if he struggles.

"If we think this is the guy, we had better give him more than one opportunity,'' he said. "If we stick him in a one-run game in Philly and he has to face the meat of that lineup and he gives it up, we can't just yank it from him.''

I completely agree.  Give 'em time to see if they have what it takes to close in the majors.  There is no reason to destroy a young pitchers psyche early on.  And anyway, I'm not planning on buying World Series tickets until 2008.

Oh, there may be a little snag in the Jorge Julio negotiations.

But Arizona is believed to be intrigued by Marlins right-handed starter Yusmeiro Petit.

I will be screaming cuss words if the Marlins trade Petit for Julio.  He just isn't worth it.  The team can do better than that.  Henry or Matt would be a better option and we get to keep Petit.  A one-year deal with Julio, just isn't worth it.