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More Center Fielder News

The search for a center fielder continues and the front office is talking to the Cubs.

Alex Sanchez seem likely to win the Marlins' center-field job, but the team has kicked around the idea of pursuing the Cubs' Angel Pagan, a switch-hitter who might not make the team's Opening Day roster. The Cubs are looking for a middle infielder who can play shortstop, and the Marlins' Robert Andino could fill that role.

Not make the 25-man roster, that isn't surprising since he is listed third on the Cubs depth chart in left field.  Not to mention he only hit .247/.306/.394 in 170 AB last season.  Granted the boy has some power and it is possible he could be made into a center fielder.  But he is worth Robert Andino?

I can't say.  That is a question for Beinfest to answer.

But it seems to me that as Andino matures (baseball-wise) he is becoming a decent tradable commodity.  So I'm not sure I would spend him on Pagan, especially considering Angel is not a proven solution the center field problem.  The team already possess works in progress such as De Aza and others who may have a better chance, in the future, to fulfill the roll for the long term.

If the club makes this move I probably won't scream but Pagan appears to me to be someone else who will end up spending most of his time with the Isotopes and not being the solution for this season.