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In the Marlins never ending quest to add pitchers to the organization, something I happen to agree with, the club has their eyes on another one.  Presently the Fish are lurking in the coral waiting for their prey to expose itself in open water.

For now, teams are watching the Red Sox and evaluating players who might be made available later in spring as it comes time to get down to 25 players.

Drawing the most attention are righty Kyle Snyder and outfielder David Murphy.

Snyder is out of options, meaning if the Sox can't find a spot for him, he'd have to be exposed to waivers before being sent to Pawtucket. According to baseball sources, both the Washington Nationals and Florida Marlins have shown some interest in Snyder, who's versatile enough to start or relieve.

Should he be put on waivers and if the Marlins and the Nats both claim him, I assume he would become property of the Nats.  The way the waiver thing goes, if two teams claim the same player he goes to the one with the worse record.  I'm guessing that spring training doesn't count in evaluating records.

Kyle Snyder's stats