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The Thinning Continues

As Maverick correctly stated, Reggie was sent down yesterday.

There are more than two weeks left in spring training, but the Marlins have seen enough of Reggie Abercrombie to know that he won't be their center fielder this season.

Abercrombie was sent to minor-league camp Wednesday as the Marlins narrowed their starting center-field candidates to Alex Sanchez and Eric Reed.

Reggie has all the "tools" to be a good major leaguer but like last season he wasn't getting it done at the plate.

In six Grapefruit League games, Abercrombie batted .167 (3-for-18) with no extra-base hits or RBIs

This is Abercrombie's last option year and it makes perfect sense to send him down to see if he can fix that hole in his swing.  He sure isn't going to do it sitting on the bench in the majors.  

The organization is well aware of his potential but unfortunately, for whatever reason, he as yet to reach it.

Reggie wasn't the only causality, yesterday.

The Marlins sent right-hander Gaby Hernandez and catcher Brett Hayes to minor-league camp

We will, more than likely, see Gaby Hernandez up with the Marlins later in the season.  He has some things he needs to work out.  Hernandez is coming along nicely but he needs some more seasoning before being ready for the show.  Should the injuries to the starting staff escalate, Hernandez may be up earlier than he is ready.

Hopefully that won't happen.