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Front Office still looking for a closer

The Marlins front office is still checking all available options for a closer.

Florida on Monday sent a scout to Hi Corbett Field to watch Jorge Julio, who retired six of the seven batters he faced in two scoreless innings against Colorado regulars. He walked Kaz Matsui.

Florida, which has no proven closer on its roster, again is expected to have the lowest payroll in the major leagues, and it remains to be seen if the Marlins would accept Julio's $3.6 million salary in 2007.

The D-Backs appear to have an excess of bullpen right-handers, although any trade they make is likely to occur at the end of spring to make sure their inventory does not take a hit via injury.

He makes more sense than Armando Benitez and he pitched decently once he landed in Arizona last season.  But still, I'm not sure this is going to happen.  First, the Marlins would have to absorb his salary, they can handle that.  They may not like it, but they can handle it.  The deal killing aspect of a possible trade is that the Marlins would more than likely have to give up a pitching prospect for a one-year deal with Julio.  It's hard to imagine that the cost to the Marlins organization in the sort of long term is worth the reward in the very short term.

Especially since the team is having some problems early on keeping the young arms healthy.  I don't see the Marlins making this trade.  I could be wrong - I have been before.

Jorge Julio's stats