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Willis the opening day starter?

Fredi is trying to hedge his bets about the starting pitcher on opening day.

Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez still hasn't named his Opening Day starter, but signs point to Dontrelle Willis -- even after Monday's rough start against the Twins.
Willis is on track to make three more starts then get his normal rest before the Marlins open the season April 2 in Washington.

Who is Fredi trying to kid.  Let's face it, Dontrele will be the starting pitcher on opening day that is, of course, assuming there isn't some kind of injury or any other unforeseen disaster.

I guess it is possible that Fredi could decide it would be a better P.R. move is to have him start on the home opener.  But I doubt very seriously that will happen.  You don't have your highest paid pitcher ride the pine for three games.

Dontrelle will start opening day.