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Game Today

Well, yesterday didn't go so well, but really, what can one expect after the team had to travel to, horrors of all horrors, the gulf coast.  The Marlins are safely back in Jupiter and Baltimore is on schedule for today.  Actually they are also on the schedule for tomorrow too.  But taking it one game at a time, this thread will be about today's game.

The Marlins starting pitcher is Anibal Sanchez.  Kevin Gregg, Randy Messenger, Mike Koplove and Nate Field are expected to show their stuff later in the game.

The Orioles will start out with Daniel Cabrera on the mound.  After that they will go with Chris Ray, Jeremy Guthrie, Todd Williams and Kurt Birkins.

Game time is, all together now, 1:05 p.m.

With any luck at all, the bats will start to wake up and show what they are capable of doing.  At least, I hope they do.