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Thinning out the herd

Three players were reassigned to minor league camp.

As expected, right-hander Chris Volstad of Palm Beach Gardens was reassigned to minor-league camp. Outfielder Brett Carroll and catcher Brad Davis also were reassigned.

If my math is correct, that leaves 55 players in camp.  The 36 from the 40-man roster and 19 non-roster invitees.

Volstad and Davis being reassigned doesn't surprise me in the least.  Volstad will be up soon enough and will probably join the rotation sometime after the 2008 season, if he continues to progress the way he is now.  As for Davis, the Marlins had six catchers in camp and they had to send some of them to the minor league camp so that the pitchers will have someone to throw to.

Now, Brett Carroll.  I not sure whether the club sending him down should make me optimistic about center field or not.  Carroll was hitting .571 this spring in the seven games he played.  I could take this to mean that the powers that be see something in the other center field candidates they like and they feel one of them can do the job.  Or possibly, options figured into the mix.

Joe Fisaro gave this report:

Alfredo Amezaga, while working middle infield most of camp, will get some outfield work the final week of spring training, and he may factor into the center field mix.

In other words, the center field position is still as cloudy as it was at the start of the spring.