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Amezaga and Andino doing fine

After their collision a couple of days ago, the boys are fine.  But they are still recovering.

No major injuries resulted from the collision between second baseman Robert Andino and shortstop Alfredo Amezaga in Saturday's split-squad loss to the Dodgers in Jupiter.
Before Sunday's game against the Mets, Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said Andino (back) and Amezaga (neck) have ''typical soreness'' after crashing into each other behind second base.

Andino and Amezaga collided while the two were trying to knock down a ground ball. Andino's upper body went into Amezaga's legs, knocking down both players.

Amezaga continued to play, but Andino left the game.

''Andino is sore, but fine,'' Gonzalez said. ``It will probably be a couple of days. There were no broken bones, nothing major, just typical soreness.''

Gonzalez said he expects Amezaga back Tuesday for the Marlins' home game against the Orioles. Gonzalez wants to see how Andino progresses before making a decision on his status.

Andino, a shortstop, played second base against the Dodgers and might see more action there.

''That's our plan, to have him play more second base,'' Gonzalez said. ``I think it's great for our organization to have a guy who can play defense, and also for his own value.''

Sounds good.  I am a little curious about the desire to get Andino more time at second.  Sure he is blocked at short by Hanley but getting the job at second will be no easier task.  He is either being groomed for the utility man's role or they are increasing his value as trade bait.  Given how he has hit major league pitching, at least at this point in his career, I think the latter is the reason they're increasing his versatility in the field.