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Game Today

Coming off a tie with the Mets - hey, we're getting better, at least the team is breaking even now - the Marlins will travel to Fort Myers to play the Twins today.

That's right, the club is going all the way across the state and possibly risking life and limb by venturing so close to Lake Okeechobee in order to play a game.  No one said that spring training would be easy.

The Marlins starting pitcher is none other than Dontrelle Willis.  He will be followed by Gaby Hernandez, Matt Lindstrom, Roy Corcoran, Jesus Delgado, Lee Gardner and Eddy Rodriguez.

The Twins starting pitcher is Boof Bonser.  The rest of their rotation for the day will consist of anyone they can convince to follow a guy named Boof.

Game time is at the usual, and somewhat boring, time of 1:05 p.m.