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Game Today

The Marlins did okay yesterday coming away with a spilt in the two contests.  The Fish won on the road and didn't fair so well at home.  Today the Marlins once again board the luxury air charter and travel to Port St. Lucie where they will face the Mets.

The starting pitcher for the Marlins, making his spring debut, is Sergio Mitre.  Yusmiero Petit, Henry Owns, Harvey Garcia and Felix Rodriguez are scheduled to follow.

The Mets starting pitcher is some guy by the name of Tom Glavine.  Scott Schoeneweis, Joe Smith and Juan Padilla are also on the slate.

Game time is 1:10 p.m

I guess they are giving an extra 5 minutes so that everyone who forgot to move their clocks forward for daylight savings time will only be 55 minutes late to the game.  You did remember to set your clocks forward last night, didn't you?

If you happen to be in Jamaica today and you can't listen to the Marlins, the opening ceremonies for the Cricket World Cup takes place today.  So you may want to check that out.  Australia is once again the favorite.

Have fun whatever you do.