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Johnson extremely questionable

Now for worse news about a Marlins pitcher.  Josh Johnson will get a second opinion about his arm ailment but the insider's are saying the situation is less than promising.

Multiple league sources told Wednesday night that Johnson has a nerve problem in his throwing elbow. Already expected to be on the disabled list by Opening Day, those sources added that Johnson could miss a significant portion of the season.

At the rate things are going it would be almost surprising if Johnson pitches this season at all.  But all the news isn't bad concerning his condition.

The additional consultation won't come from orthopedic surgeon James Andrews. On Jan. 31, Johnson visited Andrews' Birmingham office and was told his ligament is fine.

In other words, the foremost authority on sports related injuries doesn't think the young man needs Tommy John surgery.  That is a good thing.  But healing the nerve in his throwing arm may be a long drawn out process and that is not so good.  Nerves tend to be stubborn.

With Johnson sidelined, Nolasco will be in the starting rotation and the spring will determine who will man the fifth slot.

This is no way to start out the spring but unfortunately, it is the hand the team was dealt.