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Ranking the NL Outfields

The Sporting News did their ranking of the NL outfields and the Marlins outfield only finished 14 slots behind the Braves.

15) Marlins: LF Josh Willingham, CF Alex Sanchez, RF Jeremy Hermida. Reserves: Joe Borchard, Cody Ross.
Center field is wide-open; Sanchez, Ross, Alfredo Amezaga, Reggie Abercrombie and Eric Reed will compete. The club still is exploring trade options.

I, sadly, have to admit it is probably correct in its placement of the Marlins outfield.  But all hope is not lost, when you're ranked that low you don't have to improve much in order to be a surprise.  And anyway, the Marlins finished ahead of the Nats.

While "We're Not Last" isn't the desired battled cry heading in to the new season - it's not the worse.