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Marlins staying in-house

At least for the moment.  I wanted to post this yesterday but I ran out of time and now, I'm out of time again.  (I really should learn a better way to build tables.)

Here is the deal: the Marlins will try to fill the closer and center field positions in-house.  Those who will be competing for the closer slot are Ricky Nolasco, Taylor Tankersley, Matt Lindstrom and Henry Owens.  Though Nolasco will be pulled from the closer competition if either Sanchez or Johnson isn't ready to go by opening day.  Which is looking more and more likely to me.

Sanchez, who has experienced discomfort in his shoulder and underwent a magnetic resonance imaging exam to rule out structural damage, is throwing off a mound. Beinfest said that Johnson is not throwing at all at the moment.

Anibal could be, and I reiterate, could be ready by opening day.  Johnson, on the other hand, seems a lot less likely.  When he starts throwing off the mound, then we will have an idea.

That brings us to center field - the position is open to whomever earns it in spring training.  If no one steps up, it's Alfredo's again.  Which isn't the worst of all possible worlds.

A trade for either a center fielder or a closer, or both, could still happen but given that all the other teams want at least one of the young pitchers in return, it's doubtful.  At this point the Marlins can't spare a healthy arm.