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Uggla is ready to go

Danny doesn't believe in jinxes.

Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla isn't worried about the so-called sophomore slump.


"Not everybody has to go through it," Uggla said Tuesday. "That's why you work hard in the offseason."


The offseason has been good to Uggla.

Instead of working for his brother's delivery company or coaching hitting lessons, Uggla said he visited Las Vegas and spent time with his family. Not having to spend the offseason working allowed him to clear his mind and begin prepping for the new season.

"You don't make your season during the season," Uggla said. "You make it in the offseason, if you prepare the right way, get you body right, get your mind right."

Not having to "work" for his supper during the off-season is probably the best of things.  It would be tough to work on his chosen profession while delivering to other people whatever his brother's company delivers.

Danny did promise this about the team will remain the same.

"We each have the same attitude," Uggla said. "We're still young and excited, and we're going to be running around everywhere. It's going to be the same as last year, I think. Just a few different faces here and there."

Fabulous - that hustle part.  But, this year, if you wouldn't mind turning a few more routine double plays and not allowing shallow pop-flies to drop between the fielders.  Of course, Danny is not be singled it out with the concerns of this request.

There are many who are worried about Oogie having a sophomore slump, but I'm less concerned.  He has a bulldog attitude, if you will, and his decline at the end of last season wasn't so much that the NL pitchers woke up and decided that they couldn't lob the ball down the middle of the plate to him.  The young man wore down.  He now knows what it takes to do 162 and it sounds like he is preparing himself to be on his game for the entire season.