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Hearings Set

This is more in the FYI category.

The Marlins will take two players to arbitration hearings next week in Phoenix: right-hander Kevin Gregg on Monday and All-Star third baseman Miguel Cabrera on Friday.

Gregg, who made $365,000 last year, asked for $700,000; the team offered $575,000.

Cabrera, who made $472,000 in 2006, asked for $7.4 million; the team offered $6.7 million.

I have no idea how Gregg will do in arbitration but I fully expect Cabrera to get the extra $700,000.  It wouldn't be much of a surprise if the organization loses on both accounts, especially given the prices already paid to similar players.  Anyway, they can afford it - they may not like it - but they can afford it.