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Amezaga shining for Mexico

Alfredo is looking good at the plate in the Caribbean Series for his home country of Mexico.

One of the bright spots for Mexico in its first three games, all lopsided losses, has been the play of switch-hitter Alfredo Amezaga.

In its first two games, the only run Mexico managed came on a home run from Amezaga. The versatile switch-hitting leadoff batter went deep batting left-handed. He is batting .308 in the series, and he has driven in two of his team's four runs through three games.

A natural middle infielder, Amezaga became a regular center fielder for the Marlins in the second half of 2006.

Devoted to playing for his country, Amezaga was used mostly at shortstop in the Mexican Winter League. He played center field on Friday and second base since.

While the Marlins are considering Amezaga as a center field choice, he doesn't appear to be the club's first option.

Amezaga said that when he headed to winter ball the Marlins told him they wanted him to go back to playing infield, where he would back up Hanley Ramirez and Dan Uggla.

"When I came to Mexico, [Florida] wanted me to go back to playing the infield," Amezaga said. "They haven't said anything since, but I'll be ready to play any position."

Alfredo's one game in center didn't exactly have anyone comparing his play to that of Joe DiMaggio.

In Friday's loss to Puerto Rico, Amezaga had his struggles in the outfield. He misjudged two balls in center field. One was a fly that didn't travel as deep as he expected. He twisted and when he was under it, the ball bounced off the heel of his glove. It was ruled a double.

On another play, a liner, he got a late jump and slipped on the artificial turf.

Amezaga said before the Friday game that he talked about the field conditions with his friend and Puerto Rican outfielder Cesar Crespo.

"He told me the ball doesn't carry that much," Amezaga said. "When the ball came off the bat, I thought the ball was hit farther. On the second one, I tripped on the turf."

Still that is better than I've seen Alex Sanchez play the position.  I know the Marlins would rather have someone other than Alfredo roaming the massive center field area at their home stadium, but Amezaga is still a legitimate possibility until someone steps up and claims the position.