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Rick Helling Retires

The thing that struck me most about the article was this:

Helling won a pair of World Series titles with the Florida Marlins in 1997 and 2003.

He did?

I will be the first to admit I'm not the foremost historian on the Marlins franchise.  In fact, I didn't really start following the team until after the 1997 series.  But I sure didn't remember seeing him play for the team in 1997 playoffs, and for good reason, he didn't.  In August of that year he was traded back to Rangers for Ed Vosberg.

I do remember him pitching, if you can call it that, for the Marlins in the 2003 playoffs.  Though in every game he made an appearance, the Fish lost.  Now, I'm not putting the blame on Helling for the loses.  Everyone on the team contributes in whatever way they can - but he didn't exactly lead the charge to victory.

All of that aside, I do wish Mr. Helling a very successful and happy retirement.