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Stadium News

One step forward and then two steps back.

Despite optimism from Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez and County Manager George Burgess, a proposed downtown site for a new Florida Marlins ballpark may hit speed bumps on the County Commission.

''I think it's a mess,'' said Commissioner Joe Martinez, speaking at the end of last Tuesday's commission meeting. ``I think it's going to create a traffic mess that is unreal.''

Commissioner Audrey Edmonson said she also was ''leaning toward not supporting it,'' because she was skeptical it would have much economic impact.

She also said she could not picture a stadium on the site, which is currently occupied by a pair of County Hall parking lots and a day-care center.

Their comments came just hours after Alvarez's State of the County speech, in which he endorsed the site as a natural complement to the nearby American Airlines Arena, Carnival Performing Arts Center and the not-yet-built Museum Park.

I've seen this soap opera story line before and every time in the past it has led to absolutely nowhere.  I hope it doesn't this time and it is just political positioning but I'm getting less enthused by the day about a stadium deal actually happening in South Florida.

Of course, keep in mind it's Monday and I'm generally not a happy camper on Monday.  There still is time for all this to work out and for the Marlins to become a permanent resident of South Florida.