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Weekend Open Thread

It is my favorite two days of the week - The Weekend!

As always, this is an open thread so bring up any subject you would like to talk about.  And who knows, may be someone will join in.  The college basketball teams will be determining their seedings in their respective conference tournaments.  Not that I care, but may be you do.  College baseball is in the beginning part of the season.  The NBA is continuing on and I hear tale that the NHL is still playing. And there is probably a whole host of other sports type things that will be happening over my two favorite days of the week.

Naturally, this thread isn't limited to sports - movies, books, music, how to make tamales from scratch, are all fair game.

A couple of Marlins notes to pass along:  we have a nickname for Josh Johnson, courtesy of Dontrelle.  I'm not sure it is going to stick since it contains so many letters, but you never know.

The second has to do with another pitcher having shoulder pains, breathe people, it's a prospect.  But a very good prospect.  Would someone check the water in Jupiter, because something ain't quite right up there.

That's it.  Have a great weekend!